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In the Face of Adversity

In late September and early October, 2013 we took a journey from San Francisco, California to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our thousand mile drive up Highway 1 was made all the more challenging as the […]

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Long Exposures

Long exposure images can create an almost surreal effect, evoking emotional responses, such as calm, peacefulness, and even angst, depending on the image. Creating these images can be a challenge and generally requires certain gear, […]

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Reflecting on Reflections

I am captivated by reflections; be in on water, glass, chrome or mirror and all of the other places they may occur. However, I don’t always want to be in the reflection and as a […]

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Using Masks in Photoshop CS 6

Masking in Photoshop CS 6   In my last blog I discussed blending images to get a better final result, specifically replacing a perfectly clear blue sky with one that had more character (clouds). I […]

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Shoot the Sky!

As photographers, we are not always graced with the perfect sky. In fact, I have found that more often than not, I get to my destination and find perfectly blue, clear, no clouds, not even […]

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