We like to share our knowledge with folks and we have found a number of ways to do this.

Speaking Engagements

One way is that we speak at camera clubs all over the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern Atlantic regions. For a list of upcoming speaking engagements, click here, and check out the “side-bar”. If you would like us to speak at your camera club, click here.

Video Tutorials

We also develop video tutorials, that give step by step instruction on how to post process images to take your imagery to the next level. For a list of and links to our video tutorials, click here.

Private and Group Learning

We also teach workshop classes, as for some, hands on learning is the best! These classes can be developed to be one-on-one or small group tutorials, or even full blown classroom events. We will build a workshop to suit your needs. For more information on our workshops, click here. To set up a workshop for yourself or for a group, click here.

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