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In the Face of Adversity

In late September and early October, 2013 we took a journey from San Francisco, California to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our thousand mile drive up Highway 1 was made all the more challenging as the […]

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Journey North

Getting above the Arctic Circle presents some challenges, but the benefits are astounding. The first step in the process is flying to Fairbanks. This is a reasonably easy task and can be achieved either flying […]

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How to Afford Travel

Image captured in Pohick Bay, Fairfax County, VA. Taken this past spring, this place has become one of my very favorite places to be; an easy weekend get away, within an hour of my home. […]

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2016 Begins! Where will you go?

Happy New Year! As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, I will be using this blog to share travel experiences, antics, challenges, and lessons learned. Simply put, I love to travel. Above […]

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Seeing It Different

Not to long ago I was chatting with some photog friends and I mentioned that I wanted to go to New York and find the pier pilings and shoot the NY skyline. A couple of […]

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Reworking Old Images

I don’t know about everyone else, but I enjoy going back and rethinking and reworking old images. It’s not that I don’t have current work that I could or rather should focus on, because I […]

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West Virginia

Here in the Mid-Atlantic we are so lucky to be surrounded by amazing places to exercising our photography demons; monuments, beaches, tidal flats, botanical gardens, wildlife preserves, architectural wonder, rustic country towns, farming culture, abandoned […]

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Natural Wonders

Every now and then the confluence of timing, natural phenomena, and luck provide extraordinary photographic opportunity. For me, the most recent example of this was our last night in Seattle. The actual trajectory for these […]

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2000 Miles, 10 Days

It seems like forever since I blogged. I had great intentions to blog while traveling but 2000 miles in 10 days makes for long long days. This trip was epic… we averaged 12 hours a […]

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California Coast

There is no place like the California coast line, with stunning cliffs, rolling hills, and quaint towns. I must admit, I am bias having grown up in Northern California. Today I want share a couple […]

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