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Don’t Let Low Light Get You Down!

Noise… that is to say image noise, is most notable on images taken in low light or with higher ISO. When using digital cameras noise is produced by the sensor randomly attributing light and dark pixels to […]

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Composite Imagery

Composites are built by taking very aspects of images and blending them together, seamlessly, to create a wholly unique image. Compositing enables the photographer to go back through their image catalogue and identify images that […]

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Reworking Old Images

I don’t know about everyone else, but I enjoy going back and rethinking and reworking old images. It’s not that I don’t have current work that I could or rather should focus on, because I […]

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Changing Skies

A few years ago I wrote a blog titled “Shoot the Sky.” In this blog, I advocated taking every opportunity to capture images of beautiful, dramatic skies. Now, I have put together a video on […]

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Each of us is an artist with a vision… what is yours?

The process of visualizing something and then setting about achieving it is part of what I love about photography. For me, capturing images is capturing data; data I get to manipulate into my final work […]

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So another July 4th has come and gone and everyone is sorting through what is likely to be hundreds of images looking for the “shot”. I am no different. Each year, as July 4th approaches, […]

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Black Friday Sales, Discounts, Video Tutorials and More!

I would like to announce the launch of a couple of new pages on my website! Software/Gear In time for Black Friday sales, I am launching our Software/Gear page. This page contains links to the software […]

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I have blogged about transformation of images many times, as there are so many different processes by which we can transform our images. This time though, I would like to discuss the transformation of ourselves. […]

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Texture Tutorial!

Today’s blog is a tutorial on the use of textures. Often we see texture added to images of flowers or landscapes with bland skies. Although these types of images are awesome for texture use, for […]

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Review, Rethink, Redo

People who know me, know that I collapse layers in Photoshop. There can easily be a day’s worth of discussion on the wisdom of this choice, for me and for my process, I have learned […]

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