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Don’t Let Low Light Get You Down!

Noise… that is to say image noise, is most notable on images taken in low light or with higher ISO. When using digital cameras noise is produced by the sensor randomly attributing light and dark pixels to […]

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Seeing It Different

Not to long ago I was chatting with some photog friends and I mentioned that I wanted to go to New York and find the pier pilings and shoot the NY skyline. A couple of […]

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So another July 4th has come and gone and everyone is sorting through what is likely to be hundreds of images looking for the “shot”. I am no different. Each year, as July 4th approaches, […]

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Spinning Wool #2

What can I say… spinning wool is mesmerizing… visualize a huge sparkler mixed with a small volcano… well maybe not exactly.. but it is close. There is danger involved… the flying pieces of flaming wool […]

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