Composite Imagery

Composites are built by taking very aspects of images and blending them together, seamlessly, to create a wholly unique image. Compositing enables the photographer to go back through their image catalogue and identify images that might otherwise be ignored and put those files to use. Composites also allow the artist to create their vision; a vision that can be founded in reality or in complete fantasy. Compositing takes time, patience, and practice. The hardest part, next to thinking up the image, is selecting the subjects from the various images in a way that they can be smoothly integrated into the new image.

The fact that the only limitation can be both freeing and frightening at the same time. Ideas for composites, at least for me, are not always present or easy to come by. In fact, I go through creative spurts where I feel compelled to composite images with ideas spring to mind at all random hours and then I go through great dry spells where no matter how hard I try I still come up with nothing.

Lately, I have been on a roll and have produced the images below. I still strive to reach beyond what can be real to create something reasonable yet fantastical. I am not there yet, so back to the drawing board I go.

What images do you see in your mind’s eye that you want to create? What are you waiting for?

_DSF7453-Edit _DSC0279 2013-02-23-Edit _DSF8519-Edit-Edit _DSF8608-Edit-2 _XT14457-Edit

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