As some of you know, I use either a Sony A77V or a Sony A99V, crop and full frame bodies, respectively. After doing a lot of research that my Sony bodies cannot be converted to infrared, due to Sony’s autofocusing system. So for me to be able to enjoy this very interesting and creative form of photography, I needed to seek out other solutions. One option is to buy a “convertible” body, such as a Nikon D200, convert it to infrared, and then purchase a few lens to go with it or try out infrared filters. I have struggled with this decision for some time and have decided, at least initially to test out the filter approach first. So, I recently purchased a Singh Ray I-Ray Infrared Filter. The images below are some of my initial attempts at shooting and processing infrared images. I am pretty pleased with these results, but also realize I have a lot left to learn and a lot more experiment to do!

Some things I learned this weekend:

1) Shoot in very bright light.

2) Available shadows as best as you can.

3) Even though IR filters require longer exposures, you can still get your exposure lengths down through F-stop and ISO settings.

4) Patience is a virtue. 😉


There is a good chance that I will still purchase and convert a camera body in the future, as this option will broaden my creative possibilities, such as color IR; but for now, I am enjoying seeing the world differently!

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